Learn To Teach Postnatal Yoga Online at Your Own Pace (YACEP)!

Our online postnatal yoga teacher training is 100% self-paced. You can learn anytime, anywhere when it is convenient for you. Learn to teach safe and effective postpartum yoga classes that your students will look forward to! Our school is a registered YACEP and you will be eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance upon completion of the training.

Why Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training?

A Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training allows you to expand your career options while new mothers through the journey of healing and restoring after childbirth. It is a powerful way to empower postpartum students with the skills of mindfulness, endurance, and adaptability, and to create a supportive environment of a community of other mothers going through the same experience.

Strengthen your passion for supporting health and transformation after childbirth with our internationally-recognized postnatal yoga online training program.

Learn All About:

Postpartum Physiology

In our Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, you'll learn about what physiologically happens in the human body after childbirth so that you can create safe and effective postpartum yoga classes to support new mothers on their healing journey.

Postpartum Problems

Pregnancy and childbirth are extremely taxing on the human body. This section covers common postpartum problems that your students may experience, so that you can modify your postpartum yoga classes to be optimally comfortable and useful for your students.

Yoga Techniques & Practices

Whether you're looking for "mommy and me" asanas or strengthening practices just for the new mother, this section dives into the nitty gritty of postnatal yoga.

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